Class struggles, or Who you are in Corporia

In my Corporia RPG project, you’re not limited to selecting from a fixed number of classes. You can create any human character you can think of, provided it’s appropriate to the setting and your GameMaster approves, of course. However, you do get several detailed concepts and sample characters to choose from, as follows:

  • Badge (Soldier/Private Policeman/Merc)
  • Corporate (Jr Executive)
  • Drone (indented workers)
  • Executive Assistant (your basic Secretary-Assassin/Wetworker – I’m still pondering a better name.)
  • Hacker
  • Journo (Journalist)
  • Knight-Errant
  • Radical
  • Runner (much like ‘Faith’ in Mirror’s Edge video game)
  • Scientist
  • Sorcerer (Technomancer – focuses on more modern spell applications)
  • Witch/Wizard (more natural magic energy use)

I hope to wrap up a few of these ‘final’ second drafts tomorrow, and have something for your perusal…


2 thoughts on “Class struggles, or Who you are in Corporia

  1. Heather O'Malley

    Those seem really good. I like them. I think Executive Assistant might need a different name but it is funny to think of an assassin by that name. Is the Knight-Errant similar in concept to the Street Samurai? That’s what I am getting and I do like the name as it does have a good Western European feel. All in all the class list seems pretty solid. However, where is your thief/ corporate espionage person? Is that the Runner?

    1. plebotamus Post author

      There are no strict ‘classes’ – the concepts are the most common character ‘types’. You can mix and match your stats to play any type of person you want. In a modern world, the ‘thief’ for computers/digital locks/etc is the Hacker. The Corporate would be best at breaking through paperwork and reaching business contacts. The EX.A., radical, drone, and runner all have varying access to different criminal types.


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