Here kitty kitty there kitty kitty, OR A Meep in the hand is worth two in the bush

It amazes me how many people can find the time to update their personal blogs every day. I used to manage social media at work, so it was easy to carve out time for that, but personal stuff? Even being unemployed I still find it hard to spend time blogging. (Much better to job hunt, anyway.)

I see that back in October I posted about our latest stray cat, but no followup. Well, Stanley finally got friendly enough to let me touch his forehead, and then after that it was straight into my lap for a snuggle. We left the mudroom door open enough for him to come and go over the next few days, and then finally managed to get him picked up by the city and taken to Orphans of the Storm. Hopefully he ended up well there. It’s a no-kill shelter, but he seemed like he might have been sick… Eventually Liz and I hope to make a trip down there just to check it out.

In the meantime, little Moses (now mostly referred to as “Meep” or “the Meep” because of the cries he made when he was still a baby) is about three months old. Of course, he’s not so little anymore, either…

THEN: About 4 weeks old.
NOW: About 15 weeks old.
NOW: More of the same.

His mother’s previous litter included a white, a tabby, and another “Meep”, some of whom still show up in the back yard every now and then. The last time “Big Meep” (as we call him) showed up to scrounge some food, though, he brought “Bigger Meep” along with him. It’s amazing – they look just like large and giant-sized versions of our own Meep, right down to the stripes and dark points. When he grows up, he’s going to be a big cat…

I lured them in with tuna, but couldn’t trap them…


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