So far across the ice, or Pod people

No ‘new news’ yet on the job hunt. I did have an interview this week for a Marketing Specialist position at a local hospital, but it’ll be at least a week or two before I find out whether I’ll be invited back for Interview the Sequel.

In the meantime, it’s more of the daily grind sending out resumes and such. Tomorrow I’ve got another appointment with staffing agency #3, since #1 and #2 have so far been unable to place me with anything good. I did hear back from agency #1 yesterday saying they might have something next week…

I did finish up the rough first draft of a project I’ve been working on, and sent it out to a few people I know for review. Hopefully I’ll get some good feedback from that, and actually have something published next year. Til then my lips are sealed.

As it’s time to go make dinner, I’ll wrap this up with a list of podcasts I’ve been enjoying lately. I highly recommend you check out the ones that might push your happy buttons.

Pop Culture/Other

Tank Riot: A group of Wisconsin geeks who discuss lots of sci-fi and history topics, often at the same time.

Slate’s Culture Gabfest: Fun pop culture discussions from some of the Slate online magazine crew

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere: Sherlock Holmes discussion podcast. Elementary.

Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan: Obviously, TV show discussions. Good, though Ryan McGee often sounds like his microphone is a tin can.

War Rocket Ajax: Comic book podcast. Fun, though since my reading selection is limited, most of what they discuss I don’t know about, but use to keep informed.

Stuff You Missed in History Class: Okay, this one I haven’t actually listened to yet, but it’s on my list and sounds interesting.

Stuff You Should Know: Ditto.

Video Games

360GamerCast: XBox 360 podcast by a funny host of Americans and Brits

Role-Playing Games

The Game’s the Thing: Husband and wife team discuss RPGs and interview creators

Gamerstable: Another good RPG podcast

Sugar and Dice: A female-centric RPG podcast run mainly by some of my gamer friends who I see far too little of, except at conventions.

RPG Circus: Another podcast with a couple of friendly hosts.

Roll for Initiative: A fun AD&D podcast.



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