A twist at the end, or Momma don’t allow no meowing round here

And so silence settles around the house, broken only by the occasional mew of the kitten whining for attention. Not for the last two days though, oh no! Instead it’s been hours of yowling and a cat literally climbing the back door to come inside…

As you know from the earlier posts, Liz and I have been besieged with a horde of stray kittens. A few days after they went to Orphans of the Storm, the mother cat returned and seemingly nonplussed by her missing offspring. At least, if rolling around on the back patio and basking in the sun in any indication.

As usual, we left some food out for her in hopes of eventually winning her trust, as we’ve been doing for months. Three nights ago she came within three or four feet of me to eat her fill, then lounged on the pouch for a few minutes before leaving to wander around the outside of the house and meow – possibly, I thought, to alert one of her other offspring (much older than the new kittens) to the food. That one showed up a few minutes later but then fled rapidly when she realized how close I was.

The night after that, I tried to feed her (momma black cat) from my hand, which of course she wouldn’t get close enough to take. She did, however, come close enough for me to touch her ear, then for a quick finger stroke on her head, followed by some chin scratching. After that, she was putty in my arms, even letting me pick her up and pet her. So we made a little bed, bowls and litterbox in our mudroom, propping the door open a bit so she could get in. Of course, that wasn’t enough for her now. She was determined to come inside, meowing and launching herself up the door to try and get through the window unless someone remained to pet her.

Ginny, our temporary cat. Not an illusion - her eyes really are so pale green as to be almost white.

Fortunately, I got the local animal control to come pick her up today and take her off to Orphans of the Storm as well. They’re a no-kill shelter with a huge cat play room, and I think Ginny (as we nicknamed her) will do well there.

Maybe she’ll even get to play with one of her kittens.

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