Had I all my wish, or Cats of nine and a half tales

Well, the weekend’s been a doozy!  (Side note: Does anyone besides me still talk like that anymore?) The new cat, Moses, is doing well. He demands a lot of attention, but that’s to be expected for a little kitten.

Yesterday, however, I went outside to do some work in the yard and found not one, not two, but three more kittens!

That meant that the rest of Sunday and almost all of today were spent in trying to find homes for them or giving them flea baths or feeding them, not to mention taking care of our own unholy terrors. Unfortunately, every good quality shelter or humane society we found wouldn’t take them because: a) we were in the wrong county, b) we didn’t have the mother with them, c) they just weren’t taking kittens, or so on.  I understand their positions on a logical, intellectual level but it was incredibly frustrating emotionally to keep getting turned down.

Finally I had to have the city Animal Control come for them, from whence they’ll go to Orphans of the Storm – who wouldn’t take them directly from me but only from the city. That last bit I really don’t get. Maybe it’s just a matter of keeping their numbers down, but when animals need help they need help! Because I live just on the wrong side of the border, or whatever, shouldn’t matter.

Just lend a freakin’ paw, already!


2 thoughts on “Had I all my wish, or Cats of nine and a half tales

  1. plebotamus Post author

    We’re not sure what color Moses’ eyes will be (yellow or green), but they’ve started to lighten up. It will probably be at least a couple more weeks before we can really start to tell.


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