And his name shall be Moses, or A new cat

Normally I sleep fairly soundly, but last night’s rain storm caused me to toss and turn for a few hours. Plus, our two cats both decided to snuggle with me last night, which is nice but can make it difficult to fall asleep. (I’ve often said there’s no way we’re ever having three cats since I’d never get any sleep.)

So, it was far later than it should have been when my state of stupor was roused by my wife calling from the doorway, saying something to the effect of that I had to get up because she “had something to show me” but couldn’t come in “because of the kitty.” This made no sense to me, of course, since I assumed she was referring to the cat sleeping at my side and not something completely unexpected.

It seems she’d gone downstairs and was working at her desk when a pitiful mewing echoed through the windows and slowly burrowed into her brain. Venturing outside into the remaining drizzle, she found that the stray cats who are so prolific throughout the neighborhood had left behind a little wet, cold, and shivering chocolate-brown bundle of fur about four weeks old.

The first thing that sprang to mind as a name was “Moses” since he was found in water. And, as we all know (or at least can find on Wikipedia, like I did), the name Mošeh משה is a derivation of the root mšh משה “to draw”, in Exodus 2:10 (KJV): “[…] she called his name Moses (משה): and she said, Because I drew him (משיתהו) out of the water.”

As of this afternoon, the newly-dubbed Moses (or just “Mo”) has been to the vet, but still has to be in quarantine from the other two cats for a couple weeks until he can get his shots and checked for FIV and FELV diseases. Fortunately (for the cat), I’m still unemployed after last month’s layoff, and can keep an eye on him in my office/’new cat room.’ I can’t honestly say I’m happy about the extra expense, but I’m a sucker for helpless animals with sob stories (as proven by our other two formerly-abused and abandoned cats), and it won’t be too bad once he gets out of kitten stage.

But will I ever get another night’s sleep?


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